About Us

AV 72 Chicago is the first Special Service Area (SSA) to be created in Austin. SSA’s are improvement districts that reinvest tax dollars, levied on property owners within the SSA, back into the community through special services and programs. Av 72 Chicago’s biggest goal for the corridor is to improve safety, economic vitality, and establish a cultural identity that will foster business growth and development within the corridor and for the community at large. SSA’s are managed by a service provider who is responsible for carrying out an SSA’s initiatives. Westside Health Authority is the designated service provider for AV 72 Chicago.

Westside Health Authority (WHA) is a 501(c)3 not- for- profit community-based organization whose mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of the Austin and Westside communities of Chicago. WHA works to strengthen the capacity of ordinary citizens in building upon existing community assets in order to bring about positive change.

Why AV 72 -Chicago

AV 72 Chicago represents the Austin Village SSA that runs along Chicago Ave., also known as SSA 72. Austin is the city of Chicago’s largest community by square mile, and is filled with people who have a wonderful , vibrant past. present and future filled with innovation, discovery, mastery, and wisdom. AV72 is a revival of the great spirit in Austin where business and organizations come to thrive and support The Village!

Why are SSA’s like AV 72 Chicago so important

Special Service areas (SSA) are also referred to as Business Improvement Districts (BID) in other cities and are a tool that is utilized to reinvest tax dollars back into the community. The goal is to usher in a vibrant stability and vitality along the designated corridor and community at large. They provide enhanced services and programs, beyond those provided by the city. These offerings are to ultimately improve the socioeconomic health of the community.

The Team

Westside Health Authority is proud to have been selected as AV 72’s service provider. As an organization WHA has a long standing history in the Austin community , one of service, empowerment, and development.

We are a team of experienced professionals passionate about inspiring and uplifting our community.

Morris Reed

CEO of WHA and AV 72

He provides oversight for commission administration, business retention , marketing, AV 72 funded programs and initiatives and master planning.

Vanessa Stokes

SSA 72 Manager

She oversees SSA management including the development and implementation of AV 72 programs, budgets, reporting and is the primary liaison between AV 72 Commissioners, Westside Health Authority and the City of Chicago.

Rosie Dawson

Director of Real Estate Development for WHA and Contract Manager for AV 72

Responsibilities include contractor solicitation, and management of vendor contracts and agreements.

She insures that contractors are in compliance with stated contract terms and agreements and provides the necessary documentation to the Business and Program Development Director for AV 72 reporting.