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Past Event

Community Connections Meeting 2 at Three Crosses of Calvary Baptist Church

The Westside Health Authority partnered Three Crosses of Calvary to host Community Connections Meetings in Garfield Park.
Past Event

Easter Egg Paint & Sip at POP Grove

The Westside Health Authority held hosted a Easter Egg Paint & Sip event at the Pop Grove.
Past Event

Community Connections Meeting at Three Crosses of Calvary Baptist Church

The Good Neighbor Campaign collaborated with the Kindness Campaign to host the Austin Fresh Food Market. Austin residents gathered to the Pop Courts to collect free groceries for friends and family.
Past Event

Mandela Day 2023

Mandela Day was held on the corner of Ohio and Cicero. A mural was dedicated to Mandela for his great works.
Past Event

GNC Outreach at POP Grove

The Good Neighbor outreach team passed resources at the POP Grove and talked to residents about needs they have in the community.
Past Event

Pop Grove Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Pop Gove is an outdoor event space located on Madison and Keeler.

About The SSA

AV 77 Madison is a Special Service Area (SSA) established in Madison. Similar to AV 72, this area utilizes funds from property owners’ taxes to enhance the community through special services and projects. The management of AV 77 Madison is entrusted to the Westside Health Authority. The primary objective of AV 77 Madison is to enhance safety, promote economic growth, and foster a unique cultural identity that attracts more businesses to the area.