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Mar 04

The Queen Pharaoh Art Installation

Chicago Avenue has a King. Westside Health Authority is caretaker of the ‘The Chieftain’ a 10 foot bronze statue depicting Martin Luther King as a Nigerian warrior.  That landmark is located just 2 blocks away in the Austin Justice and Peace Plaza (Chicago + Mandela Road). Today was all about The Queen’s... read more →
Dec 28
Dec 08
Sep 30

A Legacy of Beauty on our Block

Ms. Myrtle, as Father Tom Walsh calls her is about tribe building.  Creating a business during tough times takes a woman full of energy, faith and love. When Mrytle Mullins had thoughts of purchasing the building that would become Chic’s Elite Hair & Nail Salon 44 years ago at Chicago Ave &... read more →
Sep 06
Jun 21
Apr 30

2018 Community & Business Extravaganza

Open House AV72 presents the 2018 Community & Business Summer Extravaganza on Chicago Ave between Central & Kilpatrick. Join us as we explore community, commerce and culture while connecting community to business and business to community. Our Community & Business Summer Extravaganza will launch in Austin Saturday, May 12th with the opening of Schweet... read more →
Apr 06
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Mar 14